Sunday: 6 Weeks – 6th Grade for ALL Experiences 8:00, 9:45 and 11:30AM

Wednesday: Infants – 4th Grade for 6:30PM Experience

WordKids Team

Brittany Pizarro

WordKids Director

Yaritza Rios

1st & 2nd Grade | Coordinator

Emily Randall

3rd & 4th Grade | Coordinator

Tunisia Stokes

5th & 6th Grade | Coordinator

Wordkids Vision

Our desire is to train the next generation to be dedicated followers of Jesus. We are passionate about sharpening the hearts and minds of children with the strength and wisdom of God’s Word. We believe that the Lord has a call on every child, and we exist to help equip and propel them toward their purpose. By the Holy Spirit’s power and with the Word of God, we will teach scripture to the children/students. We will show them how God created us, mankind sinned (fall), Jesus redeemed us, and we are being reconciled to God through the work of the Holy Spirit in us. Their first 12 years in Word Kids will simultaneously introduce them to God and also lay a foundation for future growth in the faith. We will engage the students with many different methods but always with the same message: God revealed through His Word (both the written word and the manifested word, JESUS) [John 1, II Timothy 3:16], His Creation [Psalm 8:3-4, Romans 1:20], and the work of The Holy Spirit [John 16:13].

Baby Dedication

We are excited for our next Baby D Celebration for families with infant-3 year olds! It will be held on Saturday, March 25th. To register, click here.