Fresh Start : Day 9

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Jeremiah Woods

Day9 (PDF version – click here)

Brand New


I was born into sin by a social exchange

Marked from my birth, just a number, no name

I was… forgotten

For thirty eight years I walked in shame

No mother, no father, no friend, no warm embrace

Overlooked and underwhelmed I was cursed in the streets as they spat in my face

So I sat… and I watched

Felt the wind in my face and the spray of the pool as the others jumped in

There goes my healing, my victory

I give up God, again, you win

Then one day this prophet with no name

For the sick and the lost, for the lame He came and He asked me

“Do you want to be well?’

Do I want to be well?

What kinda question is this?

I’m lame and you mock me with this hit and a miss?

Oh, but wait… He’s not laughing

You see, while the others came with potions and sensory things

This prophet came with Healing in His wing and He offered it freely

Despite my false identity

No crowd, no fan fair, no judgement, no shame

With His words He healed me

For this purpose He came

So let the lost be found, let their past be forgotten

Since He took all the blame

Let the world scream His name

He’s called Healer, Savior, Redeemer, Friend

The Aleph, the Tav, Beginning, the End

There’s no grave that can hold Him,

no height can control Him

Word of God

Son of Man Breath of Life

I want everyone to know Him

Amazing grace, how sweet the sound

I once was lost but now I’m found Was lame, but now I walk

Once dumb, but now I talk

So I walk with a limp but I run for His name

may I echo the sound that brings Jesus the fame

No need for this pool, old habits, new tricks

I’m alive, unchained because Jesus…He…Lives