Fresh Start : Day 3

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Jon Harris

Day3 (PDF version – click here)

Connected : To the body

For as we have many members in one body, and all members have not the same office: So we, being many, are one body in Christ, and every one members one of another. (Romans 12: 4-5)

It’s a common example used, every member of the body is important. Without the foot we could not stand or without the achilles, we could not walk or run. Without the knees we could not bend or without the eyes, we could not see. The list could go on. Every part of our physical body is effective and perfectly designed for the function of the entire body.

When comparing this example to the body of Christ you could say that without the worship team there would be no worship. Or without the preacher, there would be no preaching. Without the facilities team there would be no one to open or maintain the church. Without the volunteers there would be no one to serve the many task and needs of the church, and so on.

Throughout the history of time we find amazing stories of those that overcame the adversity of being injured or being born without a certain part of their body. There are those who have overcome a major catastrophe in life to accomplish the goal they set. When I think of this kind of determination I’m reminded of a guy named Tom Dempsey.

Tom was a former professional football placekicker. He is most widely known for kicking a 63-yard field goal as time expired to give the Saints a 19-7 win over the Detroit Lions on November 8, 1970. With that kick Dempsey broke the record for the longest field goal in the NFL by seven yards. As crazy as a 63-yard field goal is, that wasn’t the most amazing part of the story.

You see, Dempsey was born without toes on his right foot and without fingers on his right hand. I can’t imagine the persecution and teasing he may have received as a child. I’m sure there were numerous people that tried to discourage him from achieving his dream, but he stayed the course. I believe that after this kick, no one ever questioned him about playing in the NFL again.

There are always doubters and naysayers around every corner. Eventually the questions turned to persecution. People began to accuse him of having an unfair advantage by having a square foot. I love Dempsey’s attitude as he responded to the accusations and negativity. When reporters would ask him if he thought it was unfair, he said, “Unfair eh? How ’bout you try kickin’ a 63 yard field goal to win it with 2 seconds left an’ yer wearin’ a square shoe. Oh, yeah, and no toes either.

“ I would say Dempsey was an overcomer. Instead of dwelling on what he couldn’t do, he used what he had to achieve an ultimate goal. He never allowed his physical limitations to become excuses.

As Christians we are a part of the body of Christ. That’s a victory in itself! We have overcome because Jesus has overcome the world (John 16:33). We may not all be called to preach, or to sing. We may be a bus driver, or a children’s worker, but we are still a part of the body. God can use anyone right where they are to advance His kingdom. Everyday we have an opportunity to be the church to the world. We’re called to show love and set examples of Christ. We have a purpose right were we are, wherever we are.


Lord I thank you for loving us right were we are. I thank you for planting me right were you would have me. I ask that you would help me to show others You. Wherever I go and whatever I do, I want to bring glory to Your Name and show others the joy and peace that only You can offer. In Jesus name – Amen.