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The Authority of The Scriptures | Pt 2

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2 Peter 1:16-21.

The cannon of God’s Word is always going to reveal Jesus.

Luke 4:14-21.

Luke 24:15-32.

When you take scripture out of any avenue, you remove the very thing that reveals who Jesus is. 

Jesus used scripture to reveal to His disciples who He is. 

Your relationship with God goes deeper when you get into the scriptures. You’re able to see who He is. 

Acts 8.

Isaiah 55:11.

Psalms 40:7.

Hebrews 10:7.

You won’t receive the power of the Gospel unless you get under the authority of the Scriptures. 

Acts 8:28-39.

Matthew 22:29.

Matthew 28:18-20.

We can’t move away from what Jesus taught us to teach.

We have to be founded on the Word of God. We need the Word for every area of our life. 

Romans 15:4.

Romans 16:25-27.

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