Assurance is the spiritual certainty that one belongs to God and possesses salvation. God does not want us to be in doubt about where we will spend eternity. The Bible plainly states that a person can, and should, know that he is on the way to heaven. By knowing this he may enjoy his salvation.

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The word salvation comes from the Greek word ‘soteria’ meaning to save, deliver or to rescue.   Salvation delivers a person from everlasting punishment in hell and takes them to everlasting peace in heaven. Biblical salvation includes a deliverance from the guilt of sin (past), the power of sin (present), and the presence of sin (future).

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The Lord’s Supper – also called Communion – is a way for believers to fellowship with Christ. It is a way for us to exchange our weaknesses for His strength. This ordinance is beautifully set forth in the following two passages: Matthew 26:26-30 and 1 Corinthians 11:23-34.

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There are many misconceptions regarding the Holy Spirit or the Holy Ghost.  The Bible is the Word of God and should be considered the final authority for any doctrine or teaching. There are plenty of scriptures regarding purpose of the Holy Ghost.  This lesson is designed to bring you into a greater understanding regarding the role of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer.

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Prayer is the privilege of every believer. It is communication with God, and it is absolutely necessary for the Christian to live the life for which they were destined.

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Baptism is a divine command (Acts 10:48). The Bible mentions water baptism 77 times and it is included in the Great Commission (Matthew 28:19-20). In this lesson we will take a look at the meaning of baptism and some of the questions surrounding it.

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Church membership is not only a great privilege, but it is also a great responsibility.  Since Christ is the Head of the Church, it is an exclusive organism (Ephesians 1:22). This lesson is designed to teach you what a healthy, spirit-filled church looks like, and why it exists.

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The Christian life is a battleground and the believer must enter spiritual warfare spiritually prepared. God never planned that we live a life of defeat, but rather has enabled us to live a life of victory. This lesson is designed to help you live victoriously over the power of sin.

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