Ministry Reopening

We are so excited to announce that WOGM doors are open! We’ve made a few adjustments to the typical flow of things. This page will provide all the information you’ll need on the temporary changes and protocols we are implementing in order to ensure everyone’s safety. Keep in mind these policies will be updated as instruction is given by the governor. Be sure to check back here for updates. Let’s give Jesus all the glory for allowing us to be together again! Although these times are different, we are blessed and honored to be worshiping together once more. IT’S ALL ABOUT JESUS!

All services will take place on our Shreveport campus at the following times:

Sundays: 8:00, 9:45 and 11:30 AM
Wednesdays: 6:30 PM

Español Service: Fridays at 6:30 PM

Young Adults: Last Thursday of Each Month at 7 PM

1NE Student: Wednesday at 6:30 PM

WordKids: 9:45  & 11:30 AM Sunday Services Only


We are so excited to worship with you again! We are currently hosting services on our Shreveport campus on our regular service schedule. In order to ensure everyone can attend safely, we ask that you please wear a mask indoors. This helps us create a safe environment for our elderly members and others with health conditions that could weaken their immune system. Seating in the sanctuary is first come, first served. We have blocked off every other row for adequate social distancing and to comply with the governor’s capacity regulations. We ask that you please be mindful to only sit on the rows that are “open”. Be prepared to keep at least 3 empty seats between your family unit and other family units. Thank you for working with us to create a safe environment for all our WOGM family members!

This is new territory for everyone! Our desire is to create a safe environment for you, so we ask that you please look for and adhere to all posted signage around campus. WOGM staff members will be in place to help with the flow of service. Our safety plan includes the following:

For the safety of others, please wear a mask indoors. This provides protection to our elderly members and others with health conditions.

Social Distancing:
We are practicing social distancing everywhere on campus. Please keep 6 feet apart at all times. We are blessed and excited to come together in worship again, but we want to make sure and do it sensibly! For this reason, please do not congregate in the lobby before or after service. This will allow everyone to safely enter and exit between services, while maintaining 6 feet between individuals.

New sanitation protocol is in place. All bathrooms and surfaces will be cleaned continuously. Please be mindful when exiting after each service that we will be cleaning rigorously (within a small window of time) for the next group coming in.

The safety of our children is priority! We can’t wait to have Wordkids and 1NE Student Ministries back in action, but for now we will not be providing childcare for any age.

However, we do encourage all our families with children to attend services in the gym, A2, or under the tent! We are working to get WK and 1NE back as soon as possible, and will let you know when these ministries resume.

For now, services will not be held at our Bossier campus. All services will take place at our Shreveport campus. This is only temporary. Building plans are still underway on our Swan Lake property and we look forward to the launch of WOGM Bossier once that process is completed!

+ Why is seating limited?

Although we would love to seat everyone that walks on our campus at once, there are a few reasons why we can’t. We have limited the number of seats available in order to maintain compliance with the current rules and occupancy regulations set forth by the governor of Louisiana. Governor Edwards has also given guidelines about crowd control and staffing that we will follow. Please keep in mind that we will have to stop seating once we’ve reached capacity in any of the four areas. It’s not our heart to turn anyone away. This is simply to follow the current policies, and for the safety of everyone involved. In the event that you are unable to enter due to a full capacity, we encourage you to check the additional areas where seating is available, and to keep in mind that we have multiple services every Sunday!

+ Since childcare is not available, can my kids sit with me in service?

Absolutely! Please keep in mind that services are being recorded and streamed in real-time to all locations from the main sanctuary. We’ve got some great audio equipment that is very sensitive to picking up sound. Any background noise can disrupt the experience for those watching from home and around the world. For this reason, we encourage families with young children or infants to attend services in the gym, auditorium 2, or under the tents. This helps us maintain the integrity of the live stream being broadcasted and recorded from the main worship center.

+ Do I need to wear a mask?

Please do. We want to protect the health and safety of our elderly members and those with other health conditions. Our staff will be wearing masks and we ask that attendees please wear masks too.

+ Will services still be live streamed to watch at home?

Yes! You can still tune in to to watch any service while it’s live. You can also watch services on Facebook live or on our YouTube channel.

+ Will the cafe and bookstore be open?

For now we will not be opening the cafe or bookstore. You can still visit our online store at!

+ Will Shuttle Ministry be available? 

Shuttle Ministry will not be running at this time, but will resume soon! We will post an update here when the WOGM shuttles are back in action.