WOGMGlobal Love India

In October 2018, WOGM Global launched the LOVE AFRICA campaign.  Through your generosity, and our partnership with Pastor Gabe, over $125,000 was given to provide Bibles and training to priests in the Tigrai region of Northern Ethiopia, as well as care for widows and orphans.


This year, we are thrilled to announce the LOVE INDIA campaign with our new partner, Pastor Chandra.  Against all odds, and with great opposition, this dear brother is advancing the kingdom through a Bible college, a rural Christian school, and over 1,000 underground house churches.


One fifth of the world’s population lives in India, and yet only 1% profess faith in Jesus Christ.  God to calling on us to share His love with India. By supporting the LOVE INDIA campaign, you will provide resources that will pierce the darkness of India with the truth of God’s Word.

The Love India campaign will provide Bibles for underground churches, school text books and uniforms, leadership training, and school tuition.   The bar was set high with LOVE AFRICA.  Now God is calling us to do show the same love for India.  Click HERE to give now!

Pastor Bryan Grisham // WOGM Global

Bibles  $5

Uniforms + Textbooks $15

Leader Training $25

Tuition $ 50

General Donation $