WOGMGlobal Ethiopia Initiative

WOGM Global has partnered with Hope Community Services in Ethiopia in an effort to provide Bibles for Tigrinian pastors in their native language.  Until recently, there had not been a Bible in the Tigrinian language for almost 1500 years.  The pastors desire to minister, but have been limited to scriptural chants and teachings which have been passed down through the verbal tradition.  It is critical that each pastor has a copy of the written Word of God.
The translation is complete and distribution has begun.  We have already witnessed first hand the enthusiasm that pastor’s have to share scriptures in a language that their congregation can understand.  But there are still almost 50,000 pastors who do not yet have their copy of the Bible.  For only $5 per Bible, you can help us reach the goal of placing a Bible in the hands of every pastor in their native Tigrinian language.
If you would like to fund the printing and distribution of the Bible to the Tigrinian people, click here.  Select “Love Africa” from the Give dropdown menu. Simply enter the amount you wish to give ($5 per Bible) and enter your card information.  WOGM does not hold one penny of your contribution.  You can be confident that 100% of the support you give will go directly to the printing and distribution of Bibles in the Tigrinian language.  Thanks for partnering with us in this Great Commission work.
Pastor Bryan Grisham // WOGM Global