Let’s be real, these seasons have been rough on everyone. 2020 brought unprecedented challenges -so we decided to talk about it! Now more than ever, we need each other. That’s why we’re excited for, “Girl, you’re not alone!” – an online community outreach exclusively for women. In November of 2020, we invited to women to join us for honest, transparent conversations. We discussed struggles and victories and encouraged each other with God’s Word. This outreach is completely online. To watch, visit our Facebook or YouTube page.

To the woman out there who feels unseen, isolated, not good enough or forgotten- we see you and we love you. Whatever you’re going through, remember, Girl, you’re not alone!


Chrissy McMenis

Pastor's wife. Mother of 4 Humans and many animals. Undercover prankster and lover of travel. God's warrior for grace and The Word.

“Chrissy is the quietest and sweetest friend who plays the greatest pranks that keep you laughing. She also loves animals and we never know what kind she is bringing home next.” Wyndie Oliver / WOGM Creative Manager

Veronica Brokenberry

Wife and mother of 3. Intelligent, courageous and an overcomer! Avid lover of all things cheetah. God's warrior for truth and empathy.

“Veronica loves Jesus and all people…loud and proud. She is accountable, full of integrity, and consistently pointing those around her back to Jesus. To know her, is to love her.” – Crystal Toothman / WOGA Early Childhood Director

Denitra Jefferson

Wife and mother of 3. Discerning and full of wisdom. Lover of coffee and anything DIY. God's gatekeeper and frontline prayer warrior.

“Even though Denitra loves coffee, she actually loves just a little bit of coffee in her Almond Vanilla Creamer!! Such a sweet spirit and fun to be around.” – Kim Banks / WOGM Member Services Director

Sarah Causey

Wife and mother of two. Sassy and full of sunshine. Lover of impromptu adventures. God's warrior for peace.

“Sarah is a tornado of joy, humor and good times. You won’t find a better friend.” – Taylor Vlahakis / WOGM Director of Projects & Events